"Noah on Patrol"

Promise your friends
and family.
Promise yourself.
Promise Noah.
Promise you'll join with a million fellow residents to make Montgomery County the first major jurisdiction in the nation to eliminate drunk driving.

What Is Noah On Patrol?

  • Noah's Law Maryland- Officer Noah- Ignition Interlock System Program MarylandNoah On Patrol is named for Montgomery County Police Officer Noah Leotta, 24, who was killed in the line of duty by a drunk driver while on DUI patrol in December 2015.
  • The following year, his parents — Rich Leotta and Marcia Goldman — spearheaded passage of a long-sought law that now requires ignition interlock devices for all convicted drunk drivers.
  • When Noah’s Law was approved, Officer Leotta’s father said: “From now on, every time an ignition interlock device is installed in Maryland, it will be like Noah is still on patrol.”
  • Noah On Patrol is an 18-month pilot project that will kick off Tuesday, May 22 — just prior to the Memorial Day holiday weekend — and will run through the Christmas and New Year holiday  season in 2019. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) will follow the initiative’s progress to determine its effect on public awareness and safety.

Why promise Noah you'll join this campaign?

  • Noah paid with his life for someone else's drunk driving.
  • He was a son, a brother, a graduate of Montgomery County schools, and a dedicated police officer.
  • Noah was passionate about public safety and committed to helping take drunk drivers off the road.

Why promise yourself?

  • If you think it will never happen to you, you're not thinking.
  • If you think you won't get caught, you're not thinking.
  • If you think you'd never hurt anyone, you're not thinking.
  • Think when you drink. Get a ride. Don't drive.

Why promise your friends and family?

  • How would your loved ones feel if you were killed — or if you killed someone else?
  • Are your loved ones' lives worth the risk of being lost to a drunk driver?
  • Life is priceless. It can be over in an instant. The risk is too high to make the wrong choice.

Join Noah On Patrol

Noah had a promising life ahead of him before it was ended by a drunk driver. His loss was a tragedy for all of us in Montgomery County. You have an opportunity to help free your community from drunk driving. Start with yourself. Encourage your friends and family. Join with your neighbors.

Noah's On Patrol Pledge

"Yes, I want to be part of Operation Noah on Patrol! I promise to do everything I can to help all of us in Montgomery County eliminate drunk driving."

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Working Toward Zero Vision

Noah On Patrol is advancing Montgomery County's Vision Zero plan to achieve zero traffic deaths and injuries by 2030, and support the interim goal of a 35 percent reduction by the end of December 2019.

Noah On Patrol's Promise to
Montgomery County

  • MCPD will conduct waves of stepped-up, high-visibility enforcement, featuring the use of sobriety checkpoints.
  • The message: If you drive drunk in Montgomery County, you're very likely to be caught.
  • Drunk driving offenders will be aggressively prosecuted.
  • The State's Attorney has pledged to instruct his prosecutors to routinely request an ignition interlock for the many offenders granted PBJ, during the pre-conviction phase and at conviction.
  • Renewed Court Monitoring will periodically report its findings on judges' dispositions of DUI cases.
  • Findings will be released publicly via traditional and social media.

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